Mr. Michael Keaton

Dear Mr Keaton,

This is a far out cry for advice but I thought it might be worth a try. I'm Ann N.'s son and when I was younger she talked about her friendship with your sister. I even met her once while I was in Pittsburgh and we accidentally ran into her. I'm 20 years old and I'm studying engineering right now at Arizona State University. Its not exactly what I dreamed for but I know its a good field. I work hard and set high goals for myself. I've just had these feelings to look into the talent and acting industry. I need to at least try to pursue my dreams to satisfy myself. I have no connections or experience with real agents or anyone that can guide me. My parents wouldn't be too supportive of the whole idea. It's not realistic in their eyes. My question is, where do you get started when you're in pursuit of an acting career? I understand if you can't respond. Yet, I would be sincerely grateful if you could give me your advice, and nothing more.

Thank you for your time,
Daniel P.

P.S. I attached a small picture of myself.