Biggest Fan

Dear Mr. Keaton;

I am your biggest, biggest fan ever since I saw you in the movie "Big." No that was Tom Hanks. My mom likes him. I'm sorry.

I really liked you in Batman. Your car is so cool! Do you get to drive it everyday? How is Robin? My dad likes Beetlejuice. He dressed up like him for Halloween one time and can even sound like you did. Did you know Beetlejuice is also a star? I learned that in school.

Do you have any pets? I have a pet hamster named goldfish. He is fun to play with but I don't like cleaning his cage. My mom got scared because I left the door open and he came into the bathtub when she was taking a bath the other night. It was funny because she screamed and ran out of the bathroom with no clothes on and the pizza man was bringing us pizza. She said she was going to kill goldfish but I don't think that is nice. Do you?

Will you be my penpal? I am going to tell all the kids at school that I wrote you an email.

Your friend