Conspiracy Theories!

Below are listed some current conspiracy theories. Some you may know, some you may not. But remember that there are plenty of people who do believe them.

1) The USA lunar landings were in fact filmed in a studio at Walt Disney Studios. This was to convince the Russians that they had reached the moon, so that they wouldn't lose face after the Russians beat them to getting a man into orbit.

2) The metal strips in bank notes are a form of tracking device. Despite popular belief, they are a tracking device so that not only can you be tracked, but the government knows exactly how much money you take with you when you leave the country, by using the metal detectors.

3) The reason there are so many six foot blonde women in California is due to secret genetic engineering. The genetic engineering, carried out at the government labs at Los Alamos in New Mexico, was an attempt to control the male population of the US, by keeping them distracted with six foot blondes.

4) In addition to that, the TV show Baywatch is an attempt to keep the male population in their homes at the same time every week, so that they can be conditioned by subliminal messages in the program. Hence the male fascination with Pamela Anderson Lee.

5) Abraham Lincoln was not assassinated. He was in fact abducted by a special Confederate army group in the last days of the Civil War, and was subsequently lost at sea when the ship that was taking him to be hidden in South America sank. There are suggestions that he in fact ended up in Africa, but these have not been confirmed. The "assassination" was in fact engineered by Lincoln's then defense secretary in an attempt to cover up the abduction and further his bid to become the next president. The "assassin," John Wilkes Booth, was then immediately killed so he could not tell what really happened.

6) The CIA assasinated JFK. This is not a completely new theory, but he was not in fact killed by them to stop him pulling out of Vietnam, but because he was about to reveal the truth of the Roswell Incident. Just days after his assasination, he was scheduled to do a public broadcast to the nation where he would tell them that a UFO really did crash at Roswell in 1947, and that using UFO technology, the government had built and was flying its own UFO, which was being keep at a secret government test site in New Mexico known only as Area 51. The government is apparently still testing its UFOs at this site.

7) The reason photobooths take photographs that look nothing like the person being photographed is a government conspiracy. The pictures are altered in the machine so as to embarrass the person and to stop them from wanting to leave the country. Passport control officers at airports will often snigger when looking at passports to add to the effect.

Now, don't you feel safer?