Dimensions of the Typology

I took a personality test my freshman year for a Student in the University class. The following is my commentary on the results.

It says here that people who are introverted (which I am, though my scores are relatively close) make decisions independent from the situation, culture, people and things. They're quiet, work alone, and socially reserved. They don't like being interrupted and usually forget names and faces. This mostly applies to me. I make decisions based on my own analysis of the situation, issue, or problem. I am usually only a quiet person around people I don't know, because I am not shy about expressing myself when asked to or when I'm with people I'm familiar with. I do work better alone, and I am socially reserved to some extent (ex. I don't like to dance). I have trouble remembering people I've been introduced to, especially if I'm not going to be in much contact with them. However, I usually can remember if I've seen somebody before.

It says here that sensing people like facts and tangibles, become impatient with theory, and mistrust their intuition. They think in accurate terms using facts, but can miss the overall picture. This somewhat applies to me. For the most part, I like dealing with facts and history rather than something unprovable (like religion). However, I do know enough to argue abstracts and I do pay attention to them. I favor using facts, because they can be proven. I don't believe I miss the overall picture, because I know when to put something into context and see how this figures into what has happened in the past.

It says here that thinking people make judgements based on logical analysis and not emotions or values. They may unknowingly ignore others' feelings or needs and don't consider others' values. This mostly applies to me. I rarely act on my emotions, and when I have, there have been unpleasant situations and consequences. I believe that to make judgements based on something other than facts and evidence is foolhardy. It makes no sense. I believe that I rarely ignore others' feelings. I hate seeing somebody hurt or sad, and I do my best to help them. I try my best to hurt others as little as possible.

It says here that a perceiver is flexible, nonjudgmental, sees all sides of an issue, and welcomes new perspectives. They have trouble making decisions, though. When they finish something, they worry that they could have done it better or another way. They like to go with the flow. This somewhat applies to me. I do not make broad-based judgments (such as skin pigment) and, instead, judge people based on their statements and actions. I have no trouble making decisions. Once I know the benefits and consequences of whatever action I may take, I pick one and go with it. When I write a paper, of course I go back and say, "Well, I could have changed this and this or this"--whatever. But I don't dwell on it, as it serves no real purpose. I usually like to take life as it comes, but I try to affect what I can. I change what I can, I accept what I can't change, and I know the difference.

Next, Strengths and Weaknesses of the Types. I accept the strengths. I'll attack the weaknesses. Introvert--I don't believe I misunderstand the external at all. I avoid some people, but it's those I've decided not to like. I don't avoid people I do like. I am secretive to some extent, I'll admit, but I don't see that as a weakness. I acknowledge that I have lost very few opportunities to act. If people misunderstand me, then that is their problem. I act consistently. I usually like to work with music in the background (I hate silence). I don't mind being interrupted, unless what I'm doing is very important. Senser--I look at all possibilities. I see the overall. I do mistrust my intuition, which I find frustrating when it's right, though that's not too often. Complicated tasks sometimes frustrate me, but I have it under control. I do wonder about my future, on occasion, but I prefer to set broad goals so as not to disappoint myself. Thinker--I notice and understand others' feelings and values, I just usually don't share them. I am completely capable of compromise. I rarely show emotions and retain control of them. I have a lot of mercy, and engage in the art of argument and persuasion frequently. Perceiver--I am not indecisive, I don't usually plan except in certain circumstances, and I keep certain things orderly. I do my best to control my life, but I can be distracted from tasks I have to perform. I do finish projects, not usually on time or just in the nick of time.

OVERALL: I don't put much stock in these sort of tests. All they can do is show a person's tendencies, and little more.