The Spirits Speak

I purchased a "Card of Illumination," based on my birthdate, a few years ago. It's the four of clubs, and it says that I am:

Mentally Strong--You have a practical mind and are a builder of ideas. You can be stubborn and will go to great lengths to create stability. You are down-to-earth, diplomatic, practical and have a wealth of knowledge. You have a heightened sense about people. You have a keen mind for sales, financial deals, and dealings with the community. Early in your life your mother played a dominant role. Education is important in order to harness your great intellectual potential. Your financial blessings and opportunities come from consistent and basic values. Usually you have much protection around your health. By being out in public and working with organizations and groups of people, you experience success. Your later years are often filled with financial blessings. Recognition and success come from your ability to work hard.

I also have The Little Book of Fortune Telling, from the same people who bring us the Globe tabloid. Using "Simple Numerology," my birth number is nine, which reveals that:

The number nine, referred to as the Nonerad, represents complexity, diversity and well-roundedness. Many-faceted Nonerad types are difficult to generalize, because their interests are so broad. They have very diverse tastes and are not satisfied by any one thing for very long. For this reason, the Nonerad sometimes has trouble in relationships because settling down with one person can be difficult. Also, restless Nonerads sometimes exhibit boredom and dissatisfaction with their careers. Therefore, it is focus that the Nonerad individual must constantly strive for.

It says about those born between June 22 and July 22 that:

Individuals born under the sign of Cancer temper their intelligence and foresight with contradictory qualities of hesitancy and self-doubt. This combined indecision and intellect is often manifested by a strong desire to escape reality. Cancer types love any form of escapism, be it reading, writing, watching films and TV or just playing games. Those ruled by Cancer tend to be introspective and highly considerate of the feelings of others. Frequently, they have a small, tightly knit group of friends but do not socialize very well in large circles. Cancers excel in intellectual pursuits and are found in respected academic and scientific positions. Cancers also have the wonderful gift of foresight which enables them to mix known facts and ethereal impressions into clear predictions of the future. Many famous fortune-tellers were born under the sign of Cancer. However, the innate hesitancy of Cancer individuals often prevents them from verbalizing their predictions and feelings. Men and women ruled by Cancer are most often romantically compatible with individuals born under the signs of Pisces and Scorpio. It is not uncommon for intensely physical relationships to develop between individuals born under Cancer and those born under Capricorn, since a high degree of magnetism exists between the two signs. It is unlikely, however, for lasting relationships to develop from the pairing. Often, Cancers need continual reassurance from their romantic partners since they are so frequently plagued by intense self-doubt which can make them seem moody and depressed, and can drive them into isolation. Individuals ruled by Cancer must make constant efforts to improve their self-confidence. If they can do this, success will surely follow.

I leave it to those who know me to decide which of the traits described here apply to me.