From Bako


Life is full of surprises, don't you agree. I am glad the fish are alive and well at the pond. Make sure you post that sign, as girls have a way of obsessing over hunting down their prey.

Hmmmm....keep up the reading because Abe needs someone with originality and dimension to believe half of what they write.



Cryptic and strange, your email message is.



Hmmm.......I guess, I'll take that as a complement. Maybe the email was a bit strange because it was late and I just watched you on a late night show, witched spurred my interest to surf the net and see if you had a web site. You talked about a lake that was purchased by you and a few of your friends. So that's why I threw in the fact that you might want to post a sign. I am sure you have many followers as the "lime light" shines on your demeanor which maximize your appeal.

I love history....its fascinating and factual to a point. However, as we all know "Rome was not built in a day" every account and article one reads may add just a slightly different favor to the story.

I am not a big web server, my life is full.......I love to embrace it, don't you!

Real adventures happen when people embrace life no matter what it brings. Life has always been an adventure for me. Age has never been a factor when considering my next adventure. I believe our lives are make richer with every passing birthday. After all, we would not be the people we are today without every candle on our cake (I prefer white). I have lived long enough to count my blessings every day and contemplate all the possibilities.