Hello Michael Keaton

Hello, my name is David S. and I am asking for your input in a book I'm working on. I'm asking people like you, who share a name with someone who is famous or infamous, to tell me a humorous or not so humorous story about having to share your name. If chosen, your story will be included in the book and attributed to you. Please keep your answers to less than 50 words. For more information or to forward me your stories; email xxxx@cybertron.com or address.... Thanx!!!

My favorite story did not actually involve me. My grandmother and aunt took me and my sister to WTAE-TV's annual Kennywood Park day about ten years ago. While my aunt, sister and I rode a couple rides, my grandmother got in line at one of the booths where the station's personalities sign their autographs. When it was my grandmother's turn, the anchor lady asked to whom she should address the autograph. My grandmother replied, "Michael Keaton." The woman looked at her and asked, "You're not his grandmother, are you?" to which she replied, "Yes, I am." The lady turned to her companions and said, "Hey, I'm signing my autograph for Michael Keaton's grandmother!"