Keaton and Keaton

In case you haven't noticed, I share the same name as a certain Hollywood actor who also grew up in the Pittsburgh area. So from time to time, I have received interesting e-mails from people who thought they were writing to him. They might have more luck if they knew his real last name was Douglas.

Presented here are all the e-mails I have gotten from people, hoping to write to Michael Keaton, the actor. And no, I've never met him.

Are you THE Michael Keaton?
Eagle Scout Ceremony
Should I?
Just wondering...
Are you Batman?
Who is the best Batman?
(No Subject)
Signed Guestbook
Net Search
Re: Net Search
You don't know me....
Box of Miracles
Hi, I hope this is the right address!!
Hey, Mike!
Hello Michael Keaton
Mr. Michael Keaton
General inquiry
Biggest Fan
From Bako