Shrink Rap

In December of 1997, I took the Self-Scoring Personality Tests by Victor Serebriakoff, Honorary International President of MENSA, the organization where smart folks congratulate themselves on being so smart.

For "Personality Factor 1: Extroversion," it was determined I am "a shade introverted."

For "Personality Factor 2: Emotional Stability," it was determined I am a "sympathetic" person.

For "Personality Factor 3: Creativity," I scored halfway between "average" and "very creative."

And for "Personality Factor 4: Strong-Mindedness," it was determined I am "a balanced personality, diplomatic."

In December of 1999, I took the Pocket Personality Quiz published in the United Kingdom by Lagoon Books . Begin at Chapter 1 to chart a wonderful journey into my psyche, as deduced by a book barely larger than my hand.